First things first

If this is just a stop on your shopping list to find the cheapest photographer - I most likely will not be the best fit. If you want a photographer to show up and capture all the perfectly posed shots, that isn't me.

And that is totally okay.

Instead... I will capture your wild movements, your nerves, your kisses, your windblown hair, the motion, the cheer, the quiet and paused moments, the extra deep breaths, the uncontrollable laughter, every incredible unplanned and unposed totally-real-deal moments that make up your most remarkable wedding day.

Don't you worry, I make room for family portraits and detail shots - but I won't be just another vendor that shows up at your wedding. I will be with you, I mean reaaaallly close by during intimate situations and all the celebration. I want you to feel a connection to my words and images on this website so that you aren't just checking something off your wedding to-do list, but are making a worthwhile investment into the one thing that lasts after the moon has closed out the day.