Hello! I’m Amy Vafa.

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When I was a young girl, I would sit at the top of the stairs with photo books in my lap looking through images my father took in college. Sunsets, spaces, people he knew. I loved any image I could get my hands on from my parents early days before me and my sisters were even an idea. When I found my parents’ wedding photos, I stared endlessly at my mothers wedding dress, my fathers shaggy blonde hair, the emotional moments the photographer captured from behind a door when they weren’t looking.  In college I discovered my fathers old film camera that he took all his early photos on, I signed up for photography classes, and honestly…the rest just made sense.


In autumn of 2013 I threw caution to the wind and went full speed ahead with photography, focusing on what I was mesmerized by the most; weddings. It wasn’t that I just picked wedding photography for something to do; it was my dream. And each and every wedding I’m given the honor to photograph, it’s my dream to capture moments and details in a way that not only my clients adore, but their families for generations to come will devour. It’s my dream to document history, to preserve your most beautiful moments, to serve and honor you in one of the most phenomenal days of your life.

Your wedding day will be stunningI want to make sure it’s remembered the same way.

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